What is Caredome?

What is Caredome?

Caredome is an innovative online solution to help Therapists and Care Facilities to improve the relevance and effectiveness of their Recreational Therapy program while saving time and reducing carbon footprint.

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Who can use Caredome?

Who can use Caredome?

Caredome is designed for Recreational Therapists who serve acute, assisted living, independent, addictions, and mental health segments. Therapists across recreation, music, life skills, and arts trust Caredome with evidence and quantifiable therapy outcomes.

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Why use Caredome?

Why use Caredome?

Caredome helps Recreational professionals ensure no one gets left behind and programming is supported by context data.

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Features of Caredome

  • Care Facility Dashboard
  • Facility Participation Level Tracking
  • Therapy Activity Tracking
  • Resident/Client Progress Notes
  • Resident/Client Participation Tracking
  • Care Facility Reporting
  • Resident/Client Reporting

Benefits of Caredome

  • Maximize participation across all activities
  • Focus on groups that require more therapeutic attention
  • Identify activities that best meet the needs of your residents/clients
  • Provide relevant resident care information to health professionals and families
  • Improve collaboration of full-time, part-time & casual activity staff
  • Attract more residents as a result of a superior recreational therapy programming
  • Save time on record-keeping
  • Save paper with secure electronic record-keeping

Don't take our word for it, see what users say

"Caredome cuts down on paperwork and allows me to get to know my residents better."

A. Loepp
Vancouver, Canada

"Caredome helps us identify at-risk/non-social residents so we can respond accordingly by encouraging them or placing them in 1-on-1 sessions or music therapy groups. External professionals that interact with our activity team can collaborate and share information easily with us."

N. Armitage, GAC
Vancouver, Canada

"We love it because it's easy to use and adapts to the people we serve."

Life Skills Leader
Guelph, Ontario

"You can use the information in Caredome to check on specific residents. The information can also be shared with families & doctors at care conferences."

S. Hogan
Vancouver, Canada