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Caredome's fundamental design has withstood the test of time and also multiple iterations of technology changes. The adaptability of Caredome started in long-term care but has now branched out to adult and children's life skills programs. Join Caredome in bringing the best of Recreational Therapy to people worldwide.

How We See the Future

We're on a journey to elevating Recreational Therapy to the forefront of resident care and life skills programs. Caredome envisions a future where no Recreational Therapist has to guess which programs. Our ultimate goal being extending care to peopl e of all walks of life so that no one gets left behind.

Some Highlights

  • Serving geriatrics and mental health populations
  • Trusted across Canada since 2007
  • Live human support at every step
  • Tested across browsers


years of service


retention of customers


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years combined experience

What makes Caredome different?

Caredome encompasses nearly a century of combined technology and recreational therapy experience. Our technology is so intuitive that we don't even train our customers. They click and care just like that.

Who else has joined Caredome on the vision?

Caredome has a number of exciting partnerships in store and already established. We dialogue regularly with recreational professionals, professional bodies, and regulators to ensure our technology is fully informed to better serve the people within Caredome.

How did it start?

Caredome was lovingly crafted in 2007 in Vancouver when a team of passionate individuals across technology, rec therapy, retirement management, came together and brought activity tracking to the SaaS industry. Since then people of all walks are cared for without being left behind while also rediscovering their dignity in the midst of life stage changes.

What are our achievements?

Caredome created an adaptable framework that allows the application of continued leading practice for over a decade. Our technology works in tandem to Point Click Care and has proven its value alongside well-known industry applications.

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