Balloon Badminton

Play this game of adapted badminton.

Required Supplies

• baloons

• badminton rackets (8)

• badminton net

Group Size

Min: 2
Max: 8


• Accidental hurt from the racket.

• Potential popping of balloon (loud noise).

Preparation Steps

• In an open space, set up the badminton net in the middle of the room.

• Blow up balloon. 

Activity Instructions

1. Place an equal amount of participants on each side of the badminton net (2 in the front and 2 in the back).

2. Hand out badminton rackets.

3. Rally balloon back and forth over the net and take turns to serve from one side to the other.

4. Count the number of hits before the ballon touches the ground.

Activity Instruction Adaptations

• This activity can also be played without a net. Participants can be placed in a large circle with enough room beside them to play keep up.