Garden Concert

Due to the circumstances, we may not have in person concerts for a while. Host a garden concert to enjoy some live music.

Required Supplies

• Connections to a performer who has equipment that is portable

• A gazebo or covering (weather permitting)

Group Size

Min: 1
Max: 8


No potential hazards.

Preparation Steps

• Book a performer who plays live music and has portable equipment

• Rent electronic audio equipment if needed

• Open windows so that sound can travel into the facility

Activity Instructions

1. On the day of the performance, meet the performer in the garden facing the windows of the participants.

2. Have the performer play a 45 minute set of participant favourites for everyone to listen to.

3. Inside the building, sing along in participant rooms and enjoy the live music

Activity Instruction Adaptations

• Alternatively, have performer play in the lobby in an area that is secluded and provides social distance