Heads up

A game of guessing, laughter and fun!

Required Supplies

• Large cue cards

• Sharpie

Group Size

Min: 4
Max: +


No potential hazards.

Preparation Steps

• Using the sharpie, write words for participants to guess on the cue cards

• Pick categories to choose words from such as:

Animals, cooking utensils, plants, sports

• Words can include:

cat, giraffe, dog

spoon, knife, chopsticks

rose, dandelion, Spider plant

bowling, water polo, curling

Activity Instructions

1. Pick one host for the round. 

2. Have the rest of the participants facing towards the host.

3. The host will hold the cue cards in front of them (with the words facing away from them).

4. On the count of 3, ask the host to flip the card so that the participants can see the word that the host has to guess.

5. Participants can only use words to describe the word. No actions are allowed.

6. Once the host has guessed the word correctly, the host put the card down and reveal a new word to guess.