Knitting for a Cause

Form a knitting group and donate the finished products to help others in the community.

Required Supplies

• Knitting needles

• Crochet needles

• Yarn

• Knitting patterns for socks, hats, blankets etc.

Group Size

Min: 1
Max: 8


No potential hazards.

Preparation Steps

• Build a connection with an organization that accepts donations for a good cause.

Some examples could include:

a local children’s hospital (baby blankets, socks, hats)

a local shelter (hats, gloves)


Activity Instructions

1. Gather a group of participants who enjoy knitting/crocheting.

2. Provide materials and ask participants to assist one another if possible.

3. Knit or crochet for family, friends or for charity.

4. Donate knitted items to help someone in need!