Make up fun!

Make up is a part of many every day routines. It’s fresh and fun to play around with various products and colours. It helps participants feel good and look good.

Required Supplies

• Make up products:

• face cream

• lip colour

• foundation

• eye shadow

• mascara

• blush

• eyebrow pencil and eyebrow brush

• make up remover 

• brushes and make up sponge

Group Size

Min: 1
Max: 1


• Practice hand hygiene and do not share make up products and brushes between participants.

Activity Instructions

1. After facial cleansing, apply toner.

2.Apply skin cream and foundation with a large foundation brush or sponge.

3. Lightly brush on blush just above the cheekbones and blend with the brush.

4. Using the eyebrow pencil, draw on eyebrows in light strokes following the hair direction of the eyebrow.

5. Add mascara and eyeshadow if desired.

6. Finish off with a pop of colour for the lips!


Activity Instruction Adaptations

• Products can be swapped out for variety.

• This can be facilitated as a group program to encourage socialization.