Montessori Box: Laundry

Montessori Box is a series of 1:1 or small group programs to get to know participants with memory impairment such as Dementia through facilitating conversation.

Required Supplies

• tea towels

• baby clothes

• pillow cases

• laundry pegs

• socks

• shirt with buttons

• laundry basket

Group Size

Min: 1
Max: 1


No potential risks.

Preparation Steps

Gather items and place them in a laundry basket.

Activity Instructions

This program is best facilitated as a 1:1 program.

1. Take each item out and pass it the participant. Ask them what it is and how they would use each item in their everyday lives.


2. Activities: 

Ask participant to clip laundry pegs onto laundry basket

Fold tea towels and baby clothes.

Match socks and roll into a ball.

Sort folded tea towels and folded baby clothes into individual piles.

Unbotton and bottom up shirt with button and then fold.

Activity Instruction Adaptations

• As participants list various items, you can add items to the laundry basket and generate conversation starters.


• Sanitize each item after program.