Movie Night

Create a cinema experience with soda, candy and popcorn!

Required Supplies

• Table

• Diet soda

• Cups

• Candy such as gummy bears, sweet and sour candies, Milk duds, Mike and Ike, M & Ms and more

• Popcorn (plain, butter flavoured, cheddar etc)

• Television

• DVD player or streaming capabilities

• Movie

• Cardboard snack tray

Group Size

Min: 1
Max: 8+


Please be mindful of diets and textures.

Preparation Steps

• Purchase snacks and drinks.

Activity Instructions

1. Depending on the amount of help that you have, you can either create premade snack trays or allow participants to choose what they would like to fill their tray with.

2. As participants enter the program, display the candy and snacks and give participants an option:

For example: 1 bag of popcorn, 2 choices of candy, 1 drink

3. Place participants in front of the screen.

4. When all participants are served, begin the film!

Movie ideas: 

Forrest Gump, Rush Hour, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, or any other requests!


Activity Instruction Adaptations

• For participants who are unable to attend program, show the movie on the bedside TV and offer snack delivery (if possible). 

• If desired, the group can reflect upon the film and debrief after the movie is finished.