Simple Sewing

Practice hand-eye coordination by sewing fabric together to make various items!

Required Supplies

• Fabrics and textiles

• Large stictching needles

• Thread

• Scissors

• Print out of easy sewing projects

Group Size

Min: 1
Max: 8


Be mindful of the sharp point of the needle

Activity Instructions

1. Begin a sewing group. Gather participants who enjoy sewing and encourage participants to bring ideas and expertise to the group.

2. For participants who have experience with sewing and do not need much assistance, ask them to pick a project they would like to work on and begin.

3. For partcipants who do not have much experience sewing, begin with threading the thread through the needle and tying both ends in a knot.

4. Practice the basic stitch on scrap pieces of textiles.

5. When the basic stitch has been practiced, create a small make up bag or simple sewing project!