Snoezelen Cart

A multi-sensory experience that can be brought room to room.

Required Supplies

• Wooden cart with cabinet doors

• Lava lamp

• Music player with calming music

• String lights

• Bubble tube

• Colourful balls and textured items

• Fiber lights

• Opti: Solar 250 

Group Size

Min: 1
Max: 4


It could be overwhelming for participants.

Preparation Steps

• Purchase items for the snoozlen cart. Alternatively, Flag House has Snoozlen Carts and items for purchase.

Activity Instructions

1. The snoozlen cart is perfect because it’s mobile and can be brought in to participant rooms.

2. Turn off the lights if desired.

3. Play calming music.

4. Turn on the Opti device and cast images on the ceiling or wall to view.

5. Sensory items can be used for participant to touch and feel.

6. Allow the participant to lead the session. If the participant is relaxed, continue on with various images, music and lights.

Activity Instruction Adaptations

• It is more affordable to create your own cart and swap out items depending on the interests of the partcipant.