Virtual Programs

Join an online class by connecting with community organizations such as an exercise class, art class or bingo event!

Required Supplies

• Electronic device

• Wifi

• Connections to online community programs and activities

Group Size

Min: 1
Max: 8


No potential hazards.

Activity Instructions

1. Set up online program or activity on the electronic device.

There are many virtual classes that are offered in the community. Some of your local organizations may have free classes that participants may enjoy! 

Check out:

• your local library for book clubs, readings and classes on how to use electronic devices for seniors

• your local YMCA may have fitness classes

• your local community groups may have recreational programs including art group and bingo classes

• your local museums may have trivia and educational classes

2. An alternative to this may be Youtube- where you can find videos of all sorts that can entertain and educate. Just be sure to have the materials on hand before the program begins.