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Unleash the potential of Recreational Therapy in your care home or therapy practice for 50% off the first payment. Offer valid for a limited time for new clients.
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PRO Edition
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Care Facility Dashboard  
Resident Management
   · Track Resident Participation
   · Track Resident Progress Notes
Recreational Therapy Management
   · Track Therapy Activities
   · Track Participation Levels
Care Facility Reports  
Resident/Client Reports
Free User Support
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Every Caredome solution comes with a 2-month trial period absolutely FREE. These are full-version trials with no limitations so you get a complete test drive of our product.

We will send you an invoice 30 days before the trial expiry. By paying the invoice, your service will continue without interruption for the length of your billing cycle. If you skip payment, your free trial account will expire at the end of the trial period. Please see sections below for details on payment options.

Please note that the free trial is offerred as a benefit to prospective customers. Caredome reserves the right to suspend free trial accounts if there is suspicion of abuse.

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PRO Edition

The PRO edition is designed for care facilities. It includes features catered towards helping care facilities with day-to-day operations as well as strategic decisions on recreational therapy within the facility. The PRO edition will help your recreational activity staff collaborate better to provide a more effective service for your residents. If you own a care facility or manage the recreational therapy department for a care facility, the PRO edition is for you.

SOLO Edition

The SOLO edition is designed for individual therapists who are serving clients on-the go. The SOLO edition will help you keep better records of the residents you work with day to day. You will benefit from resident reports to analyze the effectiveness of your therapy and share the information for professional conferences, case studies, care conferences, etc. This edition is restricted to therapists and is not eligible for care facilities to purchase.


Payments are due at the beginning of each billing cycle. Unpaid invoices will result in the expiry of your account. If you missed a payment in error and wish to restore your account and/or data, please contact our sales team.


If you choose not to continue with Caredome, simply stop payment and your account will automatically expire at your next billing cycle. Expired accounts can be reactivated within one month, and then permanently purged afterwards. If you wish to purge your account immediately, please contact our support team.

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