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Unleash the potential of Recreational Therapy in your care home or therapy practice for 50% off the first payment. Offer valid for a limited time for new clients.
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"Caredome helps us identify at-risk/non-social residents so we can respond accordingly by encouraging them or placing them in 1-on-1 sessions or music therapy groups. External professionals that interact with our activity team can collaborate and share information easily with us."
N. Armitage, GAC
Westminster House
Vancouver, Canada
"Caredome cuts down on paperwork and allows me to get to know my residents better."
A. Loepp
Westminster House
Vancouver, Canada
"You can use the information in Caredome to check on specific residents. The information can also be shared with families & doctors at care conferences."
S. Hogan
Westminster House
Vancouver, Canada

Resident/Client Tracking

Easily track your client's progress & participation Quickly jot down significant events that happen during therapy sessions. Use this information to collaborate with other therapists.

Recreational Activity Tracking

Quickly track different types of therapy sessions or activities that you offer. Participation information is at your finger tips.

Care Facility Strategic Dashboard

Quickly identify at-risk or special needs clients. Easily determine which therapy sessions or activities are most effective. Use this information to offer the sessions or activities that best suit the needs of your clients.

Relevant Reporting

No more thumbing through pages of paper records. Access your information quickly. Share relevant care information with care professionals and families. Improve your efficiency with reports that help with day-to-day operations.

Easy to use

Caredome is online, so if you have Internet access, there is no installation required. Our easy point-and-click interface makes record keeping quick and effortless. Our tools are easy to learn and we provide all the technical support to help you on your way.

Security & peace of mind

Your data is stored behind firewall protection in your own database separate from other customers. It is backed up daily on-site as well as off-site for disaster recovery purposes. All your transactions are secured using 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

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