Activity Plans

In response to COVID-19 Caredome is supporting front line workers with an outcomes focused activity library. We hope this initial effort and investment would spur others to join us in making a difference by sharing activity content with others through this site.
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Garden Concert

Due to the circumstances, we may not have in person concerts for a while. Host a garden concert to enjoy some live music.

Virtual Programs

Join an online class by connecting with community organizations such as an exercise class, art class or bingo event!

Paper Airplane Contest

Host a friendly competition to make the best aerodynamic airplane made out of paper. Then fly the airplanes to test them out.

Magazine Mosaic

Use old magazines to make a new piece of art. Mosaic pieces are of all different shapes and sizes.

World Trivia

How much do you know about the world? Play world trivia to test your knowledge and learn facts about the world we live in.

Stream Sports Events

Nothing like cheering our home teams on to victory!

Music Video Program

Sing along to highly requested songs and videos!

Simple Sewing

Practice hand-eye coordination by sewing fabric together to make various items!

Cookie Decorating

Decorate cookies and eat them too!

Virtual Calls

There can be barriers that keep people from meeting in person. Set up video calls for participants to connect with their loved ones.

Heads up

A game of guessing, laughter and fun!

Friendly Fish

Add some fish to the facility by starting a school of fish!